Confidence is Beautiful

The kids’ dad called to ask how they’re doing this morning, and near the end he brought up how ‘different I look’ recently.
“Something about you is different, but I can’t figure out what,” he said. “I mean you’ve always been beautiful.. But now it’s just extra gorgeous….” And he went on. I sat quiet and giggled a little, because it brought to my attention something seriously, so awesome:
When you take care of yourself, people can tell. When you radiate confidence, it’s palpable. When you finally move on, people realize what they’re missing.

And guys, that’s why my new business is awesome. It isn’t about the products I’m selling. It’s about what they bring out in the woman wearing them.. Confidence, radiance, and beauty, inside and out. Coming from a man who never noticed a single haircut, new outfit, or new sign on the wall, lets consider it validated: confidence is powerful! And that my friends, is priceless. 😂


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